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How do you nix bad action ideas?

Q. I am in a grassroots chapter group. I need advice on how to manage planning meetings when fellow members propose action ideas that are unrealistic and unstrategic. I already have a lot of informal power because I am a staff person for the national organization that is responsible for supporting chapter groups across the […]

A media case study: why did the TTC Sardines Award competition get so much media?

Last month, the awesome folks at TTCriders organized a photo competition, where TTC users were encouraged to take a photo of their overcrowded commute (hence the sardines reference) and send it to us.  We then chose the best photo and converted it into an award to give to MPP Glen Murray for failing […]

Toronto Sun covers our TTC Sardines Award

I often speak to the media about the need for more funding for the TTC.  For me, good transit is about many things, including good jobs, climate change, addressing poverty, and saving people time.  It’s a win-win issue, and I love working on it.

The idea of giving an award was inspired by the work […]

I shared two new tips to explain campaigning in my workshop with Students for a Free Tibet

I did a campaign planning workshop for the amazing Students For a Free Tibet a few weeks back as part of their national conference.  Thank you Urgyen for inviting me.

I find campaign planning to be a difficult thing to teach, especially when it comes to defining strategy. […]

The Tyranny of Flakiness

I just led a workshop on decision-making and structure for organizations.   Participants wanted to talk about accountability, and what you can do to make sure people do what they say they are going to do.   This article might help.  I wrote this article a few years back after I organized a big all-volunteer […]