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Want to start an activist group? Read the new guide

Want to start an activist group but don’t know where to start? Are you responsible for starting and supporting groups across your region? Do you want to build the grassroots power of your base? This is the guide for you. Organizations: please connect with me at [email protected] if you: want the rights to share this […]

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I host public workshops in Toronto.  Join my email list to get the latest updates as well as a list of useful resources and events for social change types. I also host tailored workshops for organizations so you, your staff and volunteers can achieve their goals. If you’re interested in collaborating to host a workshop […]

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Meeting facilitation

I believe almost all groups have the capacity to make great decisions efficiently. My desire to be a facilitator stemmed from my frustration in restlessly sitting in a meeting that didn’t go anywhere.  We spent an hour talking about what the ticket prices at our next fundraiser should be, and a sub-committee had already decided […]

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New Ruckus Society Guide to Designing Strategic Actions

Check out this nice little brochure for people interested in designing creative direct actions.   The booklet was developed by  myself (Jessica Bell) and Joshua Kahn Russell, as well as Ruckus Society staff Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda.  (And thank you to Cam Fenton for designing.)  Instead of drilling into the nuts and bolts of executing an […]

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Assessing the Landscape

It is useful for campaigners to assess their political landscape as they go about setting their goals, and re-evaluating their plan. I like to use the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) framework.  This framework was originally developed for the business sector, but it is useful for advocacy groups as well. I like to use […]

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